Why Should I Read The King James Bible?

Read The King James BibleMatthew 4:4 But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

There is a problem in the world today. A big problem!

There are over 6 billion bibles in print according to this statistic. Also, there are 25 million sold each year according to this answer. Another alarming fact is the bible is the best selling book.

My questions are, “Why are there so much evil? and Why does evil continue to rise instead of decrease?”

When you listen to news on television, read the newspaper, or read the news online there are usually several stories about killings, robbery’s, kidnappings, shootings, etc. You name it and it’s mentioned. A story is being told. It’s news.

How many of these people do you think, whether they are victim or perpetrator owns a bible? Did this question get you to thinking? My personal estimated answer with no statistics to back it up would be most of them do.

That troubles me because if a person has a bible and does not read it then that is the problem. Having a bible for display only helps no one. Looking at the bible laying on a table or bookcase helps no one.

The only way for the bible to help anyone is to pick it up, open it up, and read it. Then let God show and reveal things to you that will help you along the way.

This is what is wrong with the world today and will continue to get worse because they leave the bible out of there lives. If this is true then an excellent indicator is that God is also left out.

The two go hand in hand. One does not work well without the other. Meaning that in order to learn about God you need to read the bible. In order to thoroughly understand the bible you need God to reveal its truths.

People are going elsewhere for guidance. According to the rise of evil they are going to the wrong place. Receiving the wrong advice. Which causes them to do the wrong things.

Take a stand to read your bible everyday asking God to reveal his truths to you. This will help you get through the day and get through hard times. It will help you make the right decisions and keep you away from as much sin as possible.

So, your question was, “Why should I read the King James Bible?” The answer is to grow closer to God while getting the right advice and to stay away form as much sin as possible.

Do you read your bible? How often do you read your bible?

If not then why?

Jesus loves you. Maybe you’ve never accepted him as your personal. Click me to find out how.


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