Are You Under The Shadow of God’s Wings

Are You under The Shadow Of God's WingsI would like to bring your attention to Psalm 36:7, “How excellent is thy loving-kindness, O God! therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of thy wings.”

This part of the verse “men put their trust under the shadow of God’s wings” gives us a place to go when we are at a place in our life where only help from God will do. Also, it’s a place where we should always want to stay getting closer to him.

When you put your trust in God for leadership and guidance he places you under his wings where these five attributes of God can be be found.

1. Protection. Were his security is around us, our family, and our possessions. We get that defense from him. It’s better than any type of security system although sometimes he uses that as part of protecting us.

2. Love. God has love for us that will be found nowhere else from no one else. It’s physically impossible to love like him. The love he shows goes deeper and broader than we could imagine. We only see a small portion of his love. But what we do see is out of this world.

3. Encouragement. When you are down and out for the last count and nowhere to go. For that matter don’t want to go anywhere. Something deep down inside your mind and body sparks a interest in getting up moving to a better place. God is the spark that ignited the fire.

4. Strength. Weak, drained, and barely have enough strength to put one foot in front of the other. Don’t want to do anything, see anyone, or go anywhere because it hurts so much. God will reach down lift you up and give you the needed strength to continue.

5. Comfort. Life brings up some tough situations to deal with sometimes. Learning to handle them can be hard. They will bring us to the point of quitting. No, I meant we actually say, “I quit!” We feel like we just can’t go on like this. Then out from no where. Maybe out of thin air. We get up on our feet with a renewed spirit ready to take the world on.

Where does this come from? It comes from God.

This is all about God. He does these things without fail. He knows what we need, when we need it, and how much we need. Getting a dose of God is good for us. We need it.

This comes from being under the shadow of God’s wings.