Setting 5 Reachable Strategic Goals

Reach GoalsMy strategic goals are in the process of being set.

A schedule is being setup this very moment for the next six months then it will be updated in six month intervals for changes and improvements.

Beginning April 1, 2012 I plan on posting on a regular schedule. Up until now nothing much has been happening. Changes are in the making.

Setting 5 Reachable Strategic Goals

Goal 1: Create a schedule for the next six months to write post for this blog.

Setting up a schedule want be very hard. It’ll take time and some thinking. For the most part the ideas I have now to complete are feasible. They will be listed later in this article.

The biggest part is to see it through to the end. Persistence!

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Goal 2: Create a action plan to see it through to the end.

Wow, this will be hard. Creating the action plan is not the hard part. Sticking with it will be the hardest. Persistence in action!

My reputation is you never finish what you start. That has got to change. The only way for that to happen is taking the necessary steps learning how to work through excuses, interruptions, discouragements, and disappointments.

Starting today my excuses will be turned into ways to get things done instead of get out of doing them. It will be hard work. That is a good thing.

The accomplishments will be reward enough.

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Goal 3: Write a weekly article.

Read, research, study, and write are the main requirements. A lot of it.

Before knowledge is shared it has to be obtained. So that will be part of the process. One article at a time.

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Goal 4: Write a weekly prayer request article.

This will be one article with a bible verse relating to prayer and a short message about it. Then the prayer request will be listed in the comment section of the post.

Simple enough…

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Goal 5: Write a daily bible verse reading article.

Write one daily article with a bible verse and a short message or quote relating to that verse. To inspire, encourage, comfort, and motivate.

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The main gist is goal setting takes planning a schedule, action plan, and persistence. It boils down to Hard work.

Lets begin the goal setting and hard work journey.

What are some of your goal setting setbacks?

How did you overcome those setbacks?

Leave answers in the comments.

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