Read A Bible Verse Daily

This is a primer to what is coming soon.

In the next couple of days will be going live. Right now I’m working out some last minute bugs that has crept in. Exterminating them can be painful.

Read A Bible Verse A Day

Verse View will be the main page that will keep track of the most current verse to read. As well as previous verses if you missed any. It gives you instructions on what to do.

I encourage you to read each verse with full attention and focus. Listen to what God is saying. It’s all in the show. It will be needed at a later time to help you, a friend, or a stranger. It’s all in the contacts.

Verse Challenger

If the verse touched your heart in a special way then memorize it. If a word stood out then do a word study. If a phrase grabbed your attention then do research on that topic. Find instances throughout the whole bible taking good notes for future use.

Reading one verse a day does not seem to be much and it’s not. But it’ll do you a lot of good. Take medication for example. Most of the pills are very small but when taken according to the doctors orders they do a lot of good.

Reading one bible verse a day will provide you with a dose of good. Throughout the day reflect on what God revealed to help you along the way. Life is hard so pulling from all resources will be a requirement.

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How does reading one bible verse a day help you? Answer in the comments below.

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