Golden Goals

Set Golden GoalsSetting Reachable Strategic Goals

Goal is defined as “the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.”  (

I’ve read several articles about setting goals. Although, all websites do not call them by the same name. They use different terms or methods.

Everyone is different so it’s necessary to provide different strategies for different people. The main objective is to get results from our efforts. We all deserve a chance to change for the better.

“Different strokes for different folks!”

Usually goals are set at the beginning of the year in January. The problem is they are only kept for a short period of time and most are never finished. This is why different terms and methods are available.

From personal experience if I try to obtain results by calling it by a different name it never works. Why? In order to reach a predetermined destination it will take planning, action, and persistence.

All three are required with hard work to be exact.

“When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going” (

This is true and false. It last for a while then other things begin to get in the way. It becomes a want to, I wish I had, I wish I could, or I wish I did. A wish only!

Year after year it remains the same with no changes. It’s time to turn that around. Our personal life, work life, and spiritual life are affected.

Below are some articles that will relate to goal setting, scheduling, taking action, and persistence. Our christian life is struggling because of the lack of goal setting. That can be changed with Gods help.

Continuing reading to learn how.