Bible View

It’s time to take another view of the bible. Not just any kind of view either. But a view that will grab attention and mesmerize.

What is your view of the bible now?

These are my views of the Bible. Read them to learn more.

  • Favorite Scripture – These are my favorite passages of scripture, favorite verses, and favorite quotes. Not just mine only but others agree. Do you?
  • Golden Goals – We all want to improve and get better in our personal lives. This can be tough. It takes hard work, dedication, and persistence. But first we must take action. Setting reachable strategic goals!
  • Topic View – There are references about specific topics throughout the Bible. From the old testament through the new testament. A couple are motivation and encouragement.
  • Verse View – Read a verse in the Bible every day. Then stop and ponder on it to see what God wants to reveal to you. It will be amazing!