A Pre-Celebration Day


I’ve got a case of the jitters. Tomorrow, April 1, 2012 is when my newly redesigned blog will officially go live. That is when my new schedule will be put in force.

I hope everything will go as planned. It has took a lot work but worth every moment. Now all I can do is stand back to see how it works out.

God will be in the center and the main focus. He will lead, direct, and guide. I’m looking forwrd to see what God will do in the coming weeks.

He does impressive work.Thinking about him right now gives me some relieve. Let God do what he does best.

God is still working on me. Is he still working on you?

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One thought on “Read A Bible Verse Daily

  1. Home for me is like a safe haven. It’s filled with love and a soothing atmosphere. Every day I think about it, I want to go home, and I end up at home. There’s truly no place like home.

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