06-10-2012 – Psalm 36:9 In Thy Light Shall We See Light

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For with thee is the fountain of life: in thy light shall we see light.
Psalm 36:9

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In Thy Light Shall We See LightIn God’s light is where we will see light. It is not talking about daylight. But when God opens your eyes. Here are two reasons why God would open your eyes to see the light.

1. Open the lost person’s eyes to the light. Before a person accepts Jesus as their personal savior the are lost in darkness. Living for the devil because he is your father. Covered in sin on the outside and filled with sin on the inside.

2. Open a saved persons eyes to bible truths. After salvation bible knowledge does not miraculously come flooding into your mind. A new christian needs to go to a good Independent Fundamental Baptist Church to get grounded in the word of God. Then they need to read and study the King James Bible to learn more about God and how to grow closer to him.

Do you see the light?

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