06-05-2012 – Psalms 34:4 I Sought The Lord And He Did What

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I sought the LORD, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.
Psalms 34:4

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Verse For Thought:

If you seek after the Lord for some things then what do you expect in return?

These are two things you can expect.

1. The Lord will here you. It’s great to know that God is listening. He wants to here what you have to say. Are you talking to God? If not, then why? Could that mean you’re going to the wrong place for answers. With talking to God comes a listening God.

2. The Lord will deliver you. Not only will the Lord here you but will also deliver you. God will listen to you. Now you need to listen to God. He has the answers you are looking for. With these answers comes deliverance.

Are you ready to be delivered?

Are you willing to seek the Lord?

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