06-03-2012 – Psalms 34:3 Exalt His Name Together

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O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together.
Psalms 34:3

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Let us consider the phrase “let us exalt his name together.” This is a very powerful truth with a very powerful message.

When one tells others about the Lord progress is being made a little at a time to tell the whole world. But when a group of people band together proclaiming the name of Jesus then a lot of progress is being made at one time.

That is why God wants you to tell as many people about him that you can. Then they will tell others. God is no secret and if you think he is then let the secret out.

You see how just by word of mouth the Lord gets exalted. Not only by one person but by multiple people. Sometimes it’s being done at the same time.

Your Thoughts:

Are you telling others about how good God is?

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