05-18-2012 – Proverbs 3:14 The Merchandise Of Wisdom

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For the merchandise of it is better than the merchandise of silver, and the gain thereof than fine gold.
Proverbs 3:14

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Verse For Thought:

The Merchandise Of Wisdom1. The Formula.

Merchandise of Wisdom = Gain + Profit

2. The Calculation.

When earthly goods and possessions are compared to the wisdom and understanding of God the question that needs to be asked is, “Which one should be sought after more?”

To answer this question we will need to consider which one will get us the best results. In any business they are always looking for ways to make more money. That is what keeps there company from going under and closing the doors.

As a christian we need to think in similar ways. Many do not think about what it takes to grow closer to God so they end up throwing in the towel and quitting. For the simple reason that they did not prepare themselves for the now or the future.

The key is to always be gaining more knowledge. Without it you’re in a sinking boat without a emergence plan.

3. The Result.

In order for a business to get successful results and to continue to keep getting those same and better results they need to know what there competition is doing, what new technology comes out, and continue to hone their skills.

A christian can never learn everything about the bible there is to know. So that means one thing in order to get successful results and to keep getting the same and better results one has to continue to get the wisdom of God.

He is the one that can help us and is the only one that really knows how to help us. Become a student of the bible and allow God to teach you. The results will be phenomenal.

The result will be as you gain more of God’s wisdom then you will profit by knowing who can help you.

Your Thoughts:

Are you gaining more of God’s wisdom to profit from the knowledge and understanding in unexplainable ways?

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