05-09-2012 – Proverbs 2:5 Find The Knowledge Of God

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Then shalt thou understand the fear of the LORD, and find the knowledge of God.
Proverbs 2:5

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Verse For Thought:

Finding the knowledge of God is opening the Bible and studying it with passion. The same passion you have for your favorite hobby, job, or other interest that you love. When you cannot do without it.

You have to have it everyday. You’re addicted to it. If you do not have it then you go through withdrawals until the taste or feeling is satisfied.

Why don’t people hunger for God’s knowledge? He’s willing to share it with whomever is willing to try to find it.

Just remember to find the knowledge of God.

Your Thoughts:

Are you searching the King James Bible to find the knowledge of God? Hint, that is where you’ll find it.

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