04-16-2012 – Is Sin Your Master? John 8:34

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Jesus answered them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whosoever committeth sin is the servant of sin. John 8:34

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Verse For Thought:

Are you the servant of sin? Is sin controlling your life? Is sin your master?

The way to tell if sin is your master is to have a spiritual self-checkup done. It’s not hard or complicated. Actually it’s easy to do but the results maybe devastating.

The two spiritual self-checkup examination questions to ask when you want to find out if sin is your master.

1. What do I think about most of the time throughout the day?

Your thoughts is a good indicator how sin affects you. Does it move in, setup house, and stay a while? If it does then sin is your master.

2. How do I handle what I think about? or What actions do I take according to what I think about?

Does sin show up then you immediately run it out? If you do then your are the master of sin.

Always, remember that today you maybe the master of sin but tomorrow you could be the servant. It can change at a moments notice. It’s determined by how long you commit the sin or how long the sin resides in your thinking.

Get rid of sin as quick as possible. Preferably as soon as it enters into your mind throw it out. Do not let it linger!

God is present to help you overcome the sins that control you. Seek his help because without him you’ll never overcome them. With his help you can always overcome them.

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How did your spiritual checkup turn out? Are you the master or servant of sin?

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