04-14-2012 – Plant The Seed Luke 8:11

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Now the parable is this: The seed is the word of God. Luke 8:11

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Verse For Thought:

It’s time to plant seeds then fertilize and water them as they grow. If they are taken care of properly¬†between 60 to 120 days will be harvest time.

Reaping the results of what you sowed. Enjoying every bite of the editable fruits, vegetables, or other type of food.

“The seed is the word of God.” It needs to be planted in lost people and saved people hearts and minds.

Plant the seed in a lost persons heart so that they will have the opportunity to come to know the Lord Jesus as their personal savior.

Plant the seed in a saved person heart where they can read and study it to learn how to grow as christian and what they should be doing for God.

Begin planting seeds today in the heart and minds of people.

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How do you plant Gods words in other peoples mind and heart?

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